About Rising Star Football Academy

In 2010 Rising Star Recreation and Education Center was created as a soccer outreach program in Uganda to help under privileged children in Gayaza. Since then, Rising Star has become one of the leaders in Ugandan youth football. Over that time, we have helped over 60 children earn bursaries to both secondary and primary schools throughout the country. Some of our top players are now playing in the Uganda Premier League; after starting with us when they were as young as 10-years old.

We have won a number of trophies and compete in tournaments both locally and regionally. Each year we help other football programs excel as well by organizing local football leagues. This gives kids the opportunity to play in competitive matches, a must for footballers wanting to compete at a high level.

After seeing the success and professionalism of Rising Star, parents asked the directors to begin a program in Kampala where their kids could get the same high level coaching. In 2017 Rising Star Football Academy officially launched and immediately began making an impact. In June the team set out for its first international tournament in Moshi, TZ. In August players were invited to join Maroons FC’s youth team to play in the national U17 league organized by FUFA.

Though we have raised the standards for youth football in Uganda, Rising Star has not lost focus on it’s roots, we’ve actually strengthened them in the last year. A senior team is now playing in Uganda’s lower divisions of football, looking for promotion from the very beginning. Our youth are also represented in the FUFA National Youth League, playing for KCCA FC.

In 2018 our teams will set off for international tournaments in Dubai and the USA. Players will play at the highest level against, giving them opportunities for exposure and development. Players from both of Rising Star’s academies will travel together, giving opportunities for kids to showcase their abilities regardless of their economic background

Rising Star is truly an international academy with players representing five continents and over 15 different countries. This vast array of variance gives Rising Star players the opportunity to grow culturally from right inside the academy.

Our coaches have a wide variety of certificates from FA (English Football Association), US Soccer, CAF (African Football), and from Uganda. Our coaches are always continuing their education to become better coaches and stay up to date with the latest coaching trends.

On the Pitch

Rising Star is registered under the Uganda Youth Football Association. Each player needs to have the opportunity to play, so they can develop their skills. At the youth level, we do no limit substitutions. This gives the coach the opportunity to let all children play a significant amount of time. All players should feature in the starting 11 at least 25% of the time and all play in every match.

At Rising Star, we use international standards for playing. That means players are going to grow at a level proper to their age and be consistent with players all around the world. Players should expect to play in local competitions throughout the year. Beginning at the U13 level children will begin competing in regional tournaments (East Africa). At the U15 level children will begin competing in international tournaments (Europe, South Africa, Dubai, USA).

Player Profile

Each player will receive a player profile book that they will keep with them throughout their youth career. Three times a year the coaches will have one on one time with the players to set goals for the next term and go over their accomplishments, which will be documented in the profile. This will give you the best way to show the progress of each player. This will be a valuable tool in helping them get recruited to higher level teams.

Parents Role

What makes Rising Star even more special is that we are family driven. Our parents are just as involved as the players and coaches. Because the parents have such a vast array of talents and skills, we work together to make Rising Star great. From coaching to strategic planning to organizing team events, this is a true family experience in football.

Off the Pitch

Rising Star Recreation and Education Center is giving kids in Gayaza opportunities to dream when they have no reason for hope. We recently opened a new reading center which gives kids the opportunity to practice reading at a critical time in their educational development. The center also allows kids to come for mentoring and one on one assistance with their school work, making it much more easy to understand the work they struggle with in crowded classrooms.

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